Castellón Desalination Plant


Gobierno de España / Aguas de las Cuencas Mediterráneas


Moncofa , Castellon, Spain

 Water treatment is our primary need

Architecture & Design, Construction management, Engineering, environmental services, Program & project management

This work consisted of technical assistance to the management of the construction works of the Moncofa desalination plant and complementary works, with a daily production capacity of 30,000 m³ / day of drinking water

Cost: 50 870 537,41 €


The desalination plant is developed on a plot near the Belcaire river as it passes through the town of Moncofa. A total of 41,790 meters of pipes with diameters between 400 and 1,200 mm are installed. and GRP and HDPE materials


Between 400 mm and 1,200 mm


41,790 metres


30,000 m³


  • Daily production capacity of 30,000 m³  of drinking water
  • Total length of 41,790 metres
  • Seawater pumping station
  • Brine discharged back into the sea through land outfall and submarine outfall
  • Plant storage and subsequent water pumping
  • Product water distribution network
  • 41,790 m of pipes with diameters between 400 mm and 1,200 m