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Improving Coexistence

Sustainable, smart and inclusive spaces to shape a better planet

IVICSA envisions cities of the future to be not just “smarter” but also more resilient and in tune with the needs of their residents and surrounding areas. Utilizing data to inform policy, the company works with economists and cost planners to cover the entire development cycle.

IVICSA helps cities tackle the challenges of meeting the needs of growing populations, combating air pollution, and promoting economic growth while aligning with a transition to net zero and adaptation to climate risks.


IVICSA provide complete services in the field of Industrial Building, including needs assessment, construction management, and obtaining necessary licenses and permits.


IVICSA focuses on enhancing residential projects to provide improved living standards for communities, lucrative opportunities for real estate developers, and a sustainable future for residential structures.


Our master planning concepts are based on our expertise and thorough understanding of interrelated systems such as transportation, energy, waste, and technology.


While there has been much discussion in recent years about creating smarter cities, our goal is to go further and create not just intelligent but also more robust cities that are attentive to the needs of residents and sensitive to the surrounding ecosystems.


Av. Primado Reig 129, entl

Valencia, Spain

T: +34 678 633 496


Calle 93 # 18 - 28
Oficina 304

Bogotá, Colombia

T: +57 312 5496992



Av. Víctor Hugo y Río Coca, Edif. CFC Corp. P3

Ambato, Ecuador

T: +593 99 882 2240


C/ Ruta Mcal. Estigarribia, Edif. Fernando de la mora 2º Of.5

Asunción, Paraguay

T: +34 678 633 496


Balfour House 741 High Road, North Finchley, N120BP

London, United Kingdom

T: +44 7564839515