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Give access to water

A liquid element to create a solid future

Water lack and water contamination are essential global issues IVICSA cares about in order to contribute to the Global Goals and Needs, one of humanity’s greatest challenges.

We work to ensure universal access to this resource and contribute the circular economy decontaminating the waste water society produces.

The company is a benchmark in the water treatment sector through its design and construction of drinking water treatment plants, waste water treatment plants, reverse osmosis desalination plants and tertiary treatments for water reuse.

salt water

We are specialized in reverse osmosis, the most efficient technology for producing fresh water in regions facing water scarcity, while promoting a low-carbon economy.

Our aim is to contribute to a better world through the desalination solutions we engineer.

black water

We design customized, eco-friendly water purification solutions utilizing our technological expertise and innovation to attain the best water quality before returning it to the environment.


IVICSA is committed to making water a sustainable and safe resource for human consumption.

We are specialized in providing water treatment solutions, including designing drinking water treatment infrastructures and exploring new methods to overcome water-related challenges.


Cities, as hub of human advancement, face numerous challenges, such as overpopulation, that demand water infrastructure and efficient management of water resources to secure a steady supply of treated water.


Av. Primado Reig 129, entl

Valencia, Spain

T: +34 678 633 496


Calle 93 # 18 - 28
Oficina 304

Bogotá, Colombia

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Av. Víctor Hugo y Río Coca, Edif. CFC Corp. P3

Ambato, Ecuador

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C/ Ruta Mcal. Estigarribia, Edif. Fernando de la mora 2º Of.5

Asunción, Paraguay

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Balfour House 741 High Road, North Finchley, N120BP

London, United Kingdom

T: +44 7564839515