Valencian Middle Range airport




valencia, Spain

The luxury of having Valencia connected to the world from your private plane

Architecture & Design

An aerodrome is a place for the take-off and landing of aircraft. It can be private, sports or military. It can be an area of land or water. It differs from an airport in that it does not have facilities for permanent commercial use.

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The project goal is to find an appropriate place to establish the aerodrome, under the following conditions: A unique runway, with sufficient space for the taxiways, platforms and the installations



40 minutes away from Valencia



  • A single runway, with space for taxiway, apron and the necessary facilities (hangars, fueling facilities, etc.).
  • Private use
  • Under VFR rules
  • Intended for light aircraft and executive jets
  • Well communicated with the city of Valencia, in an environment that does not exceed 30-40 minutes of access time by private vehicle.
  • Practically the entire province of Valencia was studied in detail from all aspects that could affect not only aircraft operations (airspace, runway lengths, etc.), but also from a technical, construction, legal and environmental point of view.
  • All the sites studied were visited and analyzed in detail.