Bogotá BOSA III Design Assistance


Empresa de acueducto y alcantarillado de Bogotá (EAAB)


Bogotá, Colombia

Water network is our primary need

 Architecture & Design, Construction management, Engineering, environmental services, Program & project management

As a result of the Update of the Master Plan of the Main Network, some works are recommended aimed at increase the capacity of the existing infrastructure due to recent growth, in the particular case of the Kennedy / Bosa area, which currently has low pressure problems in the aqueduct service

Cost: 1 881 490,00 €


The line is projected at the pre-design level in the Projection of San Bernardino Avenue from Cali City Avenue to El Tintal Avenue


  • Severe floods that even caused deaths
  • Large buried water collector, dimensioned for a period of 100 years
  • Multicellular sections and length of 1,900 m