Fundación to Barranquilla Railway


Ferroquilla P.S.F.


Fundación-Barranquilla, Colombia

Connecting the two cities with six stations

Consultancy, study, design & supervision

The project to which this Pre-Feasibility Study is referred to involves the construction of a new railway line. Its starting point will be in the municipality of Fundación, on the current Santa Marta line – Chiriguaná, belonging to the Atlantic Rail Network corridor, and its arrival point in Barranquilla, allowing the logistic connection with the port of said city.

Cost: 500 000 000 USD $


The projected line will be suitable for freight traffic (merchandise) and for passenger traffic.

A maximum slope of 10 thousandths (1.00%) and a reference speed of the geometric design of 200 km / h have been considered in the design,


  • Total length of 157,495,733m
  • 6 stations
  • Suitable for merchandise and  passenger traffic
  • 200 km/h speed
  • Competitive travel times between the cities of Santa Marta and Barranquilla