Highway CV-10


Generalitat Valenciana / Consellería de Infraestructuras y Transporte


Castellón, Spain

Safety access to  the Castellón Airport

Consultancy, study, design & project management

roject management’s role had been to control the conversion work execution on the CV-10 Highway section between La Pobla Tornesa and the intersection with the CV-152 providing access to Benlloch, this section has a total length of 9.990 m. 

Cost: 49 719 711,87 €


The section type of the Highway is formed by two separated 7.00 m wide double lanes with outer and inner edges of respectively 2.50 m and 1.50 m, and 0.75 m roadside.


9.990 meters


10 km


2.50 m, 1.50 m and 0.75 m roadsides


  • 2 roads 7m wide
  • Exterior shoulders of 2.50 m and interiors of 1.50 m
  • Side berms of 0.75 m
  • The median is extended from 3m to 12m
  • Highway CV-10 now guarantees a very safe way to access the area and the Castellón Airport.
  • Allows access to the industrial hub and connects the Alba and Oropesa Valleys.
  • Connection to Northern Cabanes, with various radius roundabouts.