Antioquia Highways


Gobernación de Antioquia / Republica de Colombia


Antioquia, Colombia

Canalization and road works in Juncaret and Orgegia

Consultancy, study & design

The Works can be described in two main distinct sections: canalization and road. The section object of the Project runs from the future “Vía Parque” up to the Juncaret and Orgegia torrents. The common section of these two ravines has a length of 1.000 mt.

Cost: 10.852.183,19 €


The work involved the construction of a new road with a length of 2030 m in the west of the city, with three intersections type roundabout giving access to it


3,4 meters


90 cm

Service lanes

4 meters


  • Canalization and roads from the “Via Parque”up to “Juncaret” and “Oregina torrents”
  • The common section from Via Parque to the confluence of the two ravines has a length of 3.4 m with b 90 cm thick reakwaters on both sides
  • Foundation of breakwaters out of reinforced concrete, protected by a geotextile to avoid the loss of thin material