La Dorada Railway Line


Ferropetrol P.S.F.


Neiva-La Dorada, Colombia

Renewing the existing railway connecting Neiva and La Dorada

Consultancy, study, design

The Neiva-La Dorada railway project allows the direct communication by rail from the ports of Santa Marta, La Dorada and Neiva

Cost: 700 000 000 USD $


The railway line corresponding to the La Caro – Belencito corridor is 228 km long with a superstructure formed with wood and concrete sleepers, limestone ballast and rails between 90 and 60 lb / yd. Locally, it crosses the departments of Cundinamarca and Boyacá


  • Total length of 387 km.
  • Total of 32 stations.
  • Suitable for either cargo or passenger traffic.