Uribia Highway Paving and Improvement


Instituto Nacional de Vías (INVIAS). República de Colombia


Uribia - Nazareth, Colombia

Roads are the prime connectors betwee Uribia and Nazareth

Consultancy, study & design

Roads are the main connection between humans in areas that are not yet completely developed. Thanks to works like these we are making a better life for the people in the area and developing the country. 

Cost: 237 014 181,35 €


Studies and Designs for the Improvement and Paving in Phase II located in the northernmost area of Colombia and the Department of La Guajira, part of the so-called Via Circunvalar de la Guajira.


  • 150,334 km corridor with three intersections.
  • Designs include: pavement and structures.
  • Studies include: transportation, hydrology, hydraulics, stability and stabilisation of slopes, waste disposal areas and sources of materials.