Castellón Road from Torreblanca to the airport structures


Generalitat Valenciana / Consellería de Infraestructuras y Transporte


Castellón, Spain

 Safe connections are crucial to our road network

Consultancy, study & design

 Road CV-13 Is the connection to the Castellón Airport and is also designed to have a future demand turning it into a highway. 

Cost: 2 229 201,16 €


 The designed road of approximate length of 14 km will connect the present airport in Castellón, which is now under construction with a toll gate on the expressway AP-7 in the town of Torreblanca and with a national road N-340.


    • 14 km of viaduct with “fast track” (100km/h)
    • 2 Links
    • 10 Viaducts
    • 1 Underpass to the AP-7