Alicante Sewage treatment plant


Generalitat Valenciana / EPSAR (Entidad Pública de Saneamiento de Aguas Residuales)


Pilar de la Horadada Alicante, Spain

Supervision of sewage treatment plant renovation

Consultancy & Supervision

Cost: 14.368.246,20 €


Originally, it was a sewage treatment plant of lagoon type. The modernization works were conducted within following stages: waste pre-treatment, initial works – preliminary dust treatment, purifying and degreasing, biological reactor


  • Average flow rate of 18.500 m3 corresponds to 140.000 PE
  • Cooperation with risk prevention specialist to ensure safety 
  • Installation of a 115 kW photovoltaic plant
  • The modernization process is characterised by the following works:
    • Waste pretreatment
    • Initial works
    • Preliminary dust treatment
    • Purifying and degreasing
    • Biological reactor
    • Orbal system
    • Profound textile filtration – disinfection in pipes and chlorination chamber