Riobamba WWTP


GAD - Decentralized Autonomous Government


Riobamba, Ecuador

Water treatment as a primary need

Architecture & Design, Construction management, Engineering, environmental services, Program & project management

Works Management (Supervision) of the construction of the catchment, raw water conduction, treatment plant, adduction of treated water to the reserves

Cost: -


Our potabilization plants ensure a total capacity of 8,5 million m3 a day, providing safe access to water for over 41 million people


  • 320,000 population of Riobamba with water 24/7
  • Capture of the Maguazo-Alao River at 3144 m Height
  • Conduction 500 L/s for 17 km to the plant at 2910 m altitude, with a 600 mm diameter steel pipe.
  • Pumping Station from the Alao River Power Plant
  • Molobog treatment: 2 lines with cap. 250 L/s, flocculation with 10 sedimentation tanks and 12 treatment filters
  • Driving 15 km to the 2 Reserves