Ambato WWTP


Decentralized Autonomous Government of the Municipality of Ambato


Ambato, Ecuador

Ambato Sewage treatment plant and collectors

Design & supervision

The Construction of the Emissary collector, the Minor Discharges, the continuation of the Quebrada Terremoto Collector and a sewage pumping station located on the right bank of the Ambato River will allow all the sewage collected by the city’s sewage systems to be channeled to the site where it is built.

Cost: 26.000.000 $


The Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) will process the water collected by the collector system in order to remove organic matter, suspended solids and microorganisms; which will allow the discharges to the Ambato River to comply with standards that guarantee the quality of the liquid, to the downstream users.


Ranging from 150mm to 900mm


Close to 7km


Aeration systems, dehydration, decanters, sludge thickeners & digesters.


  • Treatment capacity 64,000 m3/day
  • Average flow 740 L/s
  • Decontamination of water for a population of 500,000 inhabitants
  • Aeration Systems, Dehydration, Decanters, Sludge Separators and Digesters.
  • Toilet: Chemical treatment for odors
  • Biogas power generation