Bogotá Metro


IDU - Institute of Urban Development, Mayor's Office of Bogotá


Bogotá, Colombia

A wastewater treatment plant that generates energy, not just zero waste: our goal is limitless


Environmental Impact Study for the construction and operation of the First Line of the Bogotá Metro of the stations, yards and workshops of the SITP Integrated Public Transport System

Cost: $


The works include the urbanization of the plot for the shipyard: Execution of two independent water networks – one with hydrants and the other with equipped fire hydrants (BIES) drinking water supply network and driving force to the niches of the dock as well as to the work tables of the dry dock, execution of a treatment plant for residual waters and another one for industrial waters.


23 kilometer tracks


Less pollution

water networks

One with hydrants and the other with equipped fire hydrants (BIES)


  • Safety for citizens
  • Solutions provided to the municipality
  • Solving the great massification problem