Alicante Photovoltaic Plant


Valencian Government - EPSAR


Alicante, Spain

A wastewater treatment plant that generates energy, not just zero waste: our goal is limitless


The object of this Project is the execution of a shipyard for the manufacture and maintenance of large-length pleasure boats in the Port of Sagunto, on the Levante wharf where the Port Authority of Valencia (A.P.V.) has a plot of 31,632 m2 next to the Fisherman’s Port. For this, the A.P.V. has granted the promoter company: Vulkan Shipyard, S.L., an Administrative Concession.

Cost: 4.157.468,08 €


The works include the urbanization of the plot for the shipyard: Execution of two independent water networks – one with hydrants and the other with equipped fire hydrants (BIES) drinking water supply network and driving force to the niches of the dock as well as to the work tables of the dry dock, execution of a treatment plant for residual waters and another one for industrial waters.


Type 1 docks, which make up two moats for travelifts, one 10.00 m wide and the other 7.0 m wide, and both 40 m long.

closing pontoon

Perpendicular to the coastline has been designed with 4 m.l. length and 30-m.l wide

water networks

One with hydrants and the other with equipped fire hydrants (BIES)


  • Generated energy supplies 30% of the energy needed
  • Generation of 115 Kw peak
  • Consumption improvement studies
  • Consultancy for the design of photovoltaic installations