Benicarló WWTP


Generalitat Valenciana / EPSAR (Entidad Pública de Saneamiento de Aguas Residuales)


Benicarló Castellón, Spain

Assume the treatment of residual water

Architecture & Design, Construction management, Engineering, environmental services, Program & project management

The treatment of the waste water of Benicarló’s municipality was realized by a small WWTP located next to Rambla de Cervera

Cost: 45.725,20 €


The increase of the population in the locality during last decade has generated an excess of the treatment capacity . For this reason, the execution of a new installation with sufficient aptitude to assume the treatment of the whole residual water of the municipality was necessary


  • Environmental Impact assessment 
  • Archaeological study 
  • Landscape study 
  • Control of risks of serious accidents
  • Control and prevention of the legionelosis 
  • Construction waste management study 
  • Acoustic study 
  • Authorization of spillage 
  • Authorization request for public hydraulic domain occupation