Metrovalencia Line 5 landscape integration


Generalitat Valenciana / Consellería de Infraestructuras y Transporte - G.T.P.


Valencia, Spain

 Landscape Integration Project Redaction for the extension studies of the Valencia Metro Line 5

Consultancy, Study, Design, Engineering, Supervision

The study includes measures of the landscape integration after the extension of the Valencia metro line 5 on the section Riba-roja de Turia-Vilamarxant.

Cost: 46.570.506,00 €


The segment has a total length of 4623.746 m. Between the initial mileage and mileage 3+200.036, the layout adheres with the existing platform site from the old suburban railway Valencia-Llíria.


  • The segment has a total length of 4623.746 m.
  • Two separate viaducts, which section allow a flow path corresponding to a return period of 500 years at Vilamarxant Stop.