“El Dorado II” Studies and Designs


National Infrastructure Agency - ANI


Bogotá, Colombia

When the capital grows the airport follows

Engineering, environmental services, Program & Project Management

Professional services were provided for the technical supervision of the studies and designs of Architecture and Engineering to Feasibility, in accordance with the provisions of Laws 1508 of 2012 and 1682 of 2013 and the regulations that modify or replace the infrastructure project. 

Cost: 910 318 585,02 €


IVICSA has made a meticulous study to ascertain the feasibility of the infrastructure project called “El Dorado II” ensuring that the studies technicians were in accordance with the regulations, our supervision was divided in “Studies and designs of the El Dorado II infrastructure project” and “Technical structuring”


  • Phase II: Studies and designs of the El Dorado II infrastructure project.
  • Phase IV: technical structuring