Quart Benager WWTP


Generalitat Valenciana / EPSAR (Entidad Pública de Saneamiento de Aguas Residuales)


Benager Valencia Country, Spain

Ambato Sewage treatment plant and collectors

Design & Supervision

The scope of the contract includes the redaction and a technical assistance for the works in the Quart Benager’s union collectors network

Cost: 2.216.425.768 pts


The constructed collectors network has for basic object to gather the urban and manufacturers waste water from the municipal areas of Quart-Benager’s Union


Ranging from 600 mm to 1.500 mm


31 km

Designed flows

250 l/s and 1000 l/s


  • Gathering the urban and manufactures waste water and obtain decontamination for all canals that cross the area
  • Execution of 12 collectors
  • Construction of 4 dumping stations
  • Remote control station with protocol of connection to Quart Benager’s WWTP