Paz del Rio WWTP


Abeima / Abengoa / Conciviles


Acerias Paz del Rio, Nobsa, Colombia

Reform the existing facilities

Consultancy, Study, Design

 Acerias Paz del Río possesses a total of 21 discharges to the Chicamocha river , in Nobsa’s municipality. The majority of these discharges do not possess the quality standards of spillage to public riverbed according to the regulation

Cost: 6.052.892,51 €


The Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) will process the water collected by the collector system in order to remove organic matter, suspended solids and microorganisms; which will allow the discharges to the Ambato River to comply with standards that guarantee the quality of the liquid, to the downstream users.


  • Flow of 7 l/s, pre-treatment, biological process, secondary decanter, disinfection and treatment of sludge
  • Pumping stations with a flow of 140 m3/h.
  • Primary decanter, stripping ammonia, biological reactor, secondary decanter, disinfection, textile filtration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis.