San Pablo Manta WWTP




San Pablo Manta, Ecuador

Meet standards for higher level of purification

Study, Supervision

 The Municipality of Manta has a pond system for the treatment of wastewater generated by its population, consisting of four anaerobic ponds, four optional and four for maturation. The current system has no pre-treatment and its contamination reduction yield is under the standards.

Cost: 34.000.000,00 €


For this reason, it was necessary to intervene on the existing facilities, adapting to the new flow process and a greater requirement for levels of purification, this is why a tertiary treatment of effluent was necessary.


  • 1st Cycle: Elimination of fines, turning, degreasing and longitudinal ventilation in the first treatment cycle
  • 2nd Cycle: restoration of treatment to its optimal state
  • 3rd Cycle Installation of effluents to reduce contamination by adding a flocculation coagulation process, filtration through granular elements and a disinfection process with UV rays
  • Construction of a 12 km pipeline from the WWTP to the refinery, a pumping station and another pipeline (3.5 km)