Refulguaraf WWTP


Generalitat Valenciana / Consellería de Infraestructuras y Transporte


Rafelguaraf Country, Spain

Expansion of the WWTP in Rafelguaraf

Design & Supervision

This project consisted in the preparation of the draft Project about the expansion of the WWTP in the municipality of Rafelguaraf, Valencia

Cost: 1.180.415,05 €


The municipality of Rafelguaraf will have an optimal water treatment system to ensure quality standards

Daily average flow

2500 m3

Equivalent population

7,500 people

BOD5’s reduction



  • Filter Grille, new wells and water pump, transfer of two self-cleaning strainers, new biological reactor and secondary clarifier
  • Execution of the slab for mud silos, generator, hypochlorite and deodorization
  • Execution of a pump well and a drain pump
  • Concerning the WWTP sludge circuit, the units required are: replacing the sludge thickener, substitution of helical pumps and replacement of the band filter by a centrifuge decanter